Meet our team

Pieter Hack MSc

Chairman of the board

holds an MSc degree in Environmental Technology from Wageningen University (1983). From 1984 to 1997 he was manager technology at Paques B.V., a company developing innovative wastewater treatment technologies. Since 1997, he is the managing director of MAGNETO special anodes (since 2016 part of Evoqua Water Technologies). Pieter has been responsible for the introduction of innovative electrochemical technologies for water treatment, metal plating and cathodic protection. This has resulted in new business and new markets for MAGNETO, worldwide. Furthermore, he is chairman of the board of REDSTACK B.V., a start-up developing and commercializing Reverse ElectroDialysis (RED) technology for exploiting salinity gradient energy (Blue Energy). Pieter has been involved since the beginning of R&D on bioelectrochemical technology. He is manager of the research theme on Resource Recovery at Wetsus. In 2016, he started W&F Technologies as spin-off of MAGNETO and Wetsus.

Sam Molenaar PhD

completed a MSc in Oceanography and Limnology at the University of Amsterdam in (UvA, 2011), with a thesis on the production of hydrogen by cyanobacteria. In 2012, he started his PhD-research on microbial rechargeable batteries at the research group of Environmental Technology at Wageningen University. The PhD project, for which the practical work took place at Wetsus, Leeuwarden, allowed Sam to develop a broad set of skills applicable to electrochemical reactor design, operation and process automation. At W&F technologies, Sam is project manager and process technologist for the NEWBIES project